Urine Detector Backyard Sign


Although Poolmaster’s Urine Detector Backyard sign is a joke, your hot tub guests may be convinced a real urine detector is in place.

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Guests won’t know if you’re making a joke or being serious with this sign. Either way, you win! After all, no one wants someone to urinate in their pool, spa or hot tub. With this Urine Detector Backyard sign in place, guests will be more aware of their actions. The detective at the bottom and “URTEK” label may convince people a real urine detector is in place. If they fall for it, go along with the joke!

Urine Detector Backyard Sign FAQs

Poolmaster’s Urine Detector sign comes with four pre-drilled holes for quick and easy hanging. The sign is 12” x 8” to make it visible from the entire aquatic area. All weather materials help the sign stay in great shape. Ink is UV resistant for a bright appearance that will last for years!

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