Water Wand Cartridge Filter Cleaner


The hot tub filter cleaning wand is an easy way to clean up the hard-to-get places in your Cartridge spa filter. Check out our accessories at The Cover Guy.


The Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Wand

The hot tub filter cleaning wand uses eight equally-spaced fingers to separate and clean between the pleats of your pool filter cartridge element, all in one easy action.

The actual cleaning is done with the 8 strategically placed nozzles, each providing a high pressure radius to flush and clean either side of each pool filter cartridge pleat. Just attach the hot tub filter cleaning wand to the end of your garden hose and watch as your filter maintenance time is reduced by more than 50 percent!

This unique, world-first hand held cartridge filter cleaner makes cleaning quick and easy. No Splash back while cleaning your pool filter cartridge. The CWS186 water wand as an on/off switch and hose connector.

Order your Water Wand now and save time and money.

To help clean your hot tub cartridge filter you may also want to use a Cartridge Filter Degreaser.

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