Hot Tub Spa Vac

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Powerful Vacuum Cleaner specifically designed to clean Hot Tubs and Spas

The new Cover Guy Spa Vac features a powerful battery operated motor for maximum suction power. This Cover Guy Spa Vac offers owners the opportunity to microfilter the water in their spa or hot tub while removing even the smallest dirt, debris even sand. Designed with the customer in mind, the Cover Guy Spa Vac traps dirt better than any other Spa Vacuum on the market.

Other Spa Vacuum devices let the dirt right back into the spa when they are stopped. Our patented design has a valve that stops the return of any debris as soon as it is sucked in.

And, you don’t have to pull a difficult plunger or take your finger off a hole, as with other spa vacuums, to make the Cover Guy Spa Vac work.

The Cover Guy Spa Vac Ultra is simple, lightweight and easy to use. The complete kit comes with a sectional pool pole for easier, more convenient “extended reach” cleaning.