Hot tub accessories improve the quality and enjoyment of your hot tub and spa space. The Cover Guy carries a wide variety of spa accessories to keep your hot tub, spa and backyard oasis in prime condition. From cover caps, and cover cleaners, to bubble covers and hurricane wind straps, we have you covered. And just like our hot tub covers, you will also find the best quality and prices for all of our hot tub accessories! These spa accessories help to create the perfect space to enjoy your hot tub and have everything you need at your fingertips.

Discover The Perfect Hot Tub Accessories

Your hot tub is an investment. In order to continue to reap the benefits of your hot tub, hot tub accessories can provide you with an upgraded experience to enjoy. Our range of hot tub accessories allow you to take care of your hot tub and enjoy the benefits of regular use. Explore our various hot tub accessories that help turn your backyard into a restorative oasis. 

Spa Accessories 

Our functional and high-quality spa accessories will help to create the perfect spa experience for you and your family. Enjoy your hot tub without worrying about the sun beating down on you with our outdoor umbrella! Or, if you’re looking for spa accessories that add a sense of luxury to your hot tub, try out our stunning microfibre towels that are built to dry you off quickly. Whichever spa accessory you’re looking for, you can be sure that The Cover Guy will have what you need!

Hot Tub Caps & Blankets

We know better than anyone about the importance of keeping your hot tub insulated. That’s why we offer hot tub accessories such as bubble covers and cover caps. These spa accessories help to preserve the warmth in your hot tub, limit the loss of chemicals, and reduce evaporation in your spa. For added protection, consider our deluxe thermal foam blanket, which can help to prolong the life of your investment. 

Hot Tub Cleaners & Pumps

A well maintained hot tub is necessary in order to prolong the life of your investment. These hot tub accessories help to do just that. Our saltwater chlorine generator and hot tub draining pump help to make the maintenance and upkeep of your spa easy and stress-free.

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