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Leisure Time Chlorine Yearly Kit

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Leisure Time Chlorine Yearly Kit was put together to save our customers time and money providing all your chemical needs in one package for the entire year. The Cover Guy Leisure Time Chlorine Yearly Kit will keep you stocked with all the supplies you need to keep your hot tub clean all year!

The Cover Guy Leisure Time Chlorine Yearly Kit includes:

  • 4 – Leisure Time Renew non-chlorine shock
  • 2 – Leisure Time Chlorine tabs
  • 1 – Floating Chlorine dispenser
  • 1 – Leisure Time PH up
  • 1 – Leisure Time PH down
  • 1 – Leisure Time Alkalinity Increaser
  • 1 – Leisure Time Spa Control
  • 1 – Chlorine Test Strips

Our customers will save over 20% by purchasing the yearly Leisure Time kit provided by The Cover Guy. The yearly kit will contain all that should be required to keep your hot tub or spa clean all year.

Leisure Time Renew Shock – Renew is an oxidizing non-chlorine shock used with Leisure Time Chlorine tablets. Renew is a quickly-dissolving oxidizer that rids hot tub water of left over oils, soaps, detergents, and other organics that build up in your hot tub water. When Renew is added into the hot tub water, it has a reaction with the Chlorine tablets that form Chlorine in your water. The Chlorine eliminates all bacteria left behind. The best part of Renew is: That it  dissolves quickly. Cuts down on hot tub smells, and you can use your hot tub minutes after using Renew. Renew is also a pH buffered agent so it does not cause pH level changes.

Leisure Time Chlorine Tabs – Are a slow dissolving tab that works continuously in your hot tub or spa floater to eliminate all bacteria and residue in your hot tub water. Leisure Time Chlorine Tabs are great for keeping your hot tub water sanitized at all time. The Leisure Time Chlorine tabs are one of the top chlorine tabs available today and are the choice sanitizer of The Cover Guy.