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Hot Tub Filters 101

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It can be tempting to cut corners in order to save pennies after making the initial financial splurge of your first hot tub, but there are some areas that you simply must not skimp on. One of those areas, is your hot tub’s filter. We want to give you a Hot Tub Filters 101 to help you make the right choices on buying and maintaining your hot tub and spa filters.
A proper fitting spa filter for your tub is one of the most important elements of your hot tub maintenance. The Spa filter keeps your water clean, and most importantly, healthy. Who wants to be sitting in stagnant water that’s crawling with germs and bacteria? Nobody. Which is why we’re happy to offer you with our lowdown on everything you need to know about hot tub filters!

Let’s start by covering the three most common types of filters:
Cartridge Hot Tub Filters:

Hot Tub FiltersCartridge filters are the most popular filter for hot tubs and spas by a long shot. A cartridge filter is a cylinder shaped unit made of fine pleated mesh material. Cartridge filters uses a barrier and sift method to keep the “bad stuff” out of your hot tub. Many of these filters can be reused for up to a year by simply using a degreaser like LeisureTime Filter Clean and then hosing off the interior with a filter cleaning wand. You will want to degrease every three months and take the filter wand to it at least once a month. By following these steps you will easily get a year out of your spa filters.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters:

DE filters are a less common, but more earth friendly and completely non-polluting way to keep our hot tub’s water pure. Diatomaceous earth is made of crushed petrified bones. This powdery/sponge-like substance is coated onto grids of fine mesh, where bacteria and unwanted particles are absorbed.

Sand Filters:

As you’d expect from the name, sand filters use sand as their filtration medium. A sand filter is filled with sand and gravel, which pulls out unwanted dirt and impurities when water passes through. Unlike the other two filter types however, the tiny invisible to the human eye particles can escape capture in a sand filter. Also note, don’t try and use your everyday neighbourhood playground sand in a sand filter! There’s a very particular type that should be used in a sand filter.

Filter Maintenance:

So, now that we’ve got the types of hot tub filters out of the way, let’s talk maintenance.

If you’re using a cartridge filter, it should be thoroughly rinsed with a water hose every couple weeks, and maybe every week if a lot of people are using your tub at once. Every three or four months, you should soak your filter following the rinsing process in a special degreasing cleaning compound over night, and rinse again.

Pro tip: If you have two filters, pop one into your hot tub while you’re cleaning the other to ensure that your hot tub is constantly clean and you won’t have to wait to use it!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid household detergents, or you’ll be coping with A LOT of foam
  • Skip the bleach. It will decrease your filter’s life dramatically.
  • Be gentle, power hoses and rough scrubbing will only damage your filter

And Lastly: replace your hot tub filter every year!

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