The Cover Guy (Jay Labelle) Annual Scholarship

2023 10th Annual Cover Guy Scholarship

The 2023, 10th Annual The Cover Guy Scholarships application deadline has now passed and we are not accepting anymore applications. Thank you to all applicants. Congratulations to our winners: Eden & Arrianna. Thank you again to all applicants.

The Cover Guy is an established quality supplier of hot tub covers in North America. TCG has also forged a strong online business model using state of the art technology to help customers. Servicing over 30,000 customers a year in Canada and the United States with custom replacement hot tub covers. TCG strives to offer the very best products, at the very best prices in a timely manner.

The Cover Guy is proud to rename our annual scholarship after the many contributions of Jay Labelle and extend our best wishes to him for his retirement from the Company in 2021.  As Co-founder of The Cover Guy, Jay has been instrumental from the founding of the business to the leadership role he has provided over the years developing and implementing the online strategy.  Jay also started and spearheaded The Cover Guy Scholarship Fund which will be a lasting legacy.

The Cover Guy has enjoyed great success and looks for opportunities to give back to the communities in which it serves. The Cover Guy sponsors sports teams, charity events, and now offers an annual scholarship.

The 10th Annual Cover Guy Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

  • The student must be currently enrolled, or going to be enrolled in a program at a university, college or trade school in the United States or Canada for the upcoming school year.
  • The applicant must submit an article consisting of 500-1000 words.
  • The article must be in and around the applicants experience with hot tubs, backyard experiences, how hot tubs improve life, etc…
  • One submission per applicant. And should be sent by email only. Please include name, phone number, address, school name, program. Give an explanation of why you should be considered for the award (grades, volunteer work, etc..), student ID number, and the article.

Scholarship Award: $1000.00

Submission Deadline: July 31st 2023. *closed

Award Date: August 15th 2023

Please email your essay to:

Past Recipients of The Cover Guy Scholarship:

  • 2022 Bowo Ogunsakin – Mercer University
  • 2022 Adriana Bozzo – McMaster University
  • 2021 Natalie Rubio – West Coast University
  • 2021 Teryn Dyck – British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • 2020 Kyle Madsen – University of Idaho
  • 2020 Kieran McKenzie – McMaster University
  • 2019 Kyra Britney – St. Francis Xavier University
  • 2019 Timothy Durant – Penn State University
  • 2018 Brendan Gates – Duke University
  • 2018 Felicia Bonitatibus – University of Toronto
  • 2017 Kaia Arthur – University of Minnesota
  • 2017 Emily Sams – University of Ottawa
  • 2016 Esther Watt – Mount Royal University
  • 2016 Sydney Morgan – Oglethorpe University
  • 2015 Alison Conrad – University of Kentucky
  • 2015 Emily Rodford – Western University
  • 2014 Alana Babers – Columbia University

The Cover Guy Scholarship

We have met and heard of so many deserving hard working young people in our communities. It gives us great hope for the future!

Eden, Canadian Winner 2023

“To the whole Cover Guy team: thank you so much for this opportunity! I am very much honoured to be the recipient of the 2023 scholarship. This award will help me pursue my education in the upcoming school year!”



Arrianna, USA Winner 2023

“I have so much gratitude towards everyone from the Cover Guy Scholarship! I am so incredibly thankful to have been selected as the 2023 recipient. This scholarship will tremendously aid in paying for my sophomore year at the University of Michigan Dearborn. I look forward to everything this year will bring and I know this scholarship will make my goals so much more obtainable.”



Bowo, USA Winner, 2022

“Thank you to everyone over at The Cover Guy for this incredible scholarship opportunity! I had a great time participating, and I’m blessed to be able to support my education and work towards my goals in engineering.”



Adriana, Canadian Winner 2022

I am ecstatic and very humbled to be chosen as the Canadian winner of the 2022 The Cover Guy scholarship offered by Jay Labelle. I am greatly appreciative of the generosity that has been extended to me. It serves as a further motivation to achieve my goals and see my education at McMaster University through to fruition. To everyone at The Cover Guy – I wholeheartedly thank you! – Adriana Bozzo


Natalie, USA Winner, 2021

“I am sincerely honored to have been selected as the recipient of the 2021 Annual Cover Guy Scholarship. Thank you for your generosity. This award has allowed me to continue to pursue my nursing degree.

Thank you again for the opportunity and gift.”


Teryn, Canadian Winner, 2021

“To everyone at The Cover Guy: Thank you, truly! This past year has been exceptionally difficult, but your incredibly kind gift has made it so much brighter, and will help to reduce my stress of finances this upcoming school year at BCIT, for the DMS program I will be attending this September! Thank you for all that you do, and I look forward to passing on your kindness to others one day, through my career and financially!”


Alana Babers set the bar very high in our first year, and has been instrumental in choosing the following years recipients. In 2015 with Ms. Babers we decided on two very deserving students. Both Emily Rodford & Alison Conrad shared the academic pursuits along with the community involvement that we look for also when awarding our Academic Scholarship. Esther Watts and Sydney Morgan were awarded the Scholarship in 2016. Chosen by past winners Alana Babers, Emily Rodford, Alison Conrad and our staff.


“Thank you so much for this award. I’m honored to be a recipient of The Cover Guy Scholarship. This scholarship makes it possible for my wife and me to complete our formal education and greatly reduced our financial burden. Investments from quality businesses like yours are key to building strong communities.” – wrote Kyle Madsen attending the University of Idaho.


Kieran McKenzie from McMaster University adds, “Thank you to The Cover Guy team!!! I am honored to receive this year’s scholarship and extremely grateful for the team’s generosity toward the student community and their success. The award will be directed toward completing my education at McMaster University this upcoming Fall!”.



Kyra Britney Scholarship 2019 winner  ” Thank you to The Cover Guy for this amazing scholarship opportunity! I have so much gratitude and appreciation for this award, as it will help me to pay for my university tuition.”  

Kyra Britney
St. Francis Xavier University


Timothy Durant 2019 Scholarship winner

“Thank you so much, I am so appreciative of your award and will put the scholarship to good use!”

Timothy Durant
Penn State University


“I would like to sincerely thank everyone at The Cover Guy for awarding me with this scholarship. This scholarship is a greatly appreciated contribution to my educational expenses that I will be sure to put to good use. I am ecstatic about the news and very humbled to be selected.”

Brendan Gates
Duke University


“Thank you to the Cover Guy team for their support in reaching my goal of becoming an architect. I am paying for school myself so this money will go a long way!”

Felicia Bonitatibus
University of Toronto

“Thank you so much for awarding me with this scholarship! This award will also have a major impact on me as I work to pay off my loans for tuition. I’m also excited that I get to be involved in judging the entries for next year. ”

Kaia Arthur
University of Minnesota

“This is incredible news. Thank you so much. I am very honoured to be chosen as the recipient of the scholarship.”

Emily Sams
University of Ottawa


“A big thank you to The Cover Guy! I appreciate receiving this award as I begin my new adventure in university. I’m also excited to be putting these funds to great use on books as I start my first year in food and nutrition at Western University.”

Emily Rodford
Western University



“Thanks to the Cover Guy Scholarship, I am able to research and educate myself to be the best teacher and advocate for children with disabilities. Thank you for everything!!”

Alison Conrad
University of Kentucky


“Thank you to the Cover Guy Team for supporting me in my educational goals this fall semester. Funds received from this scholarship are going towards paying for my undergraduate degree tuition and are also a massive blessing. I am also completely stoked for the support in my studies and getting me started on a successful path to my career.”

Esther Watt
Mount Royal University

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