• What is the price of a good hot tub cover?

    Hot tub covers or Spa covers come in varying degrees of quality and thickness. So what does a good hot tub cover cost? Although thickness of a spa cover is a determining price factor, foam density can have a great impact on price as well.

  • What Hot Tub Cover Color is Available?

    The Cover Guy one of the leading suppliers of hot tub covers in North America and Europe carries the 10 most popular spa cover colors

  • Can babies go in a hot tub?

    As enjoyable as the hot tub may be for adults, the experience can be quite harmful for babies. Doctors tell pregnant women to avoid hot tubs during pregnancy. Baby’s body does not have the ability to account for temperature shifts the way an adult can.

  • How Long Should a Spa Cover Last?

    It’s important to examine the potential problems in order to learn how best to avoid them and make your spa cover have a longer lifespan.

  • Hot Tub Tips – How Heavy should my Hot Tub Cover Be?

    One question we get a lot or at least a comment from our customers, is about the weight of their hot tub covers. How heavy should a hot tub cover be?

  • Wow! That’s an Ugly Hot Tub Cover!

    Hot tub covers so fade and deteriorate with time. Sitting atop your hot tub, they bear the brunt of the seasonal elements year in and year out. Rain, snow, heat, hail — these all combine to erode the aesthetic qualities of hot tub covers. After all, the covers do more than keep debris out of the hot tub and conserve energy. They add to the overall look and design of your backyard realm.

  • Hot Tub Questions – Calcium Level for my Hot Tub?

    If your Calcium is too low or below 80 PPM then your hot tub and equipment can be at risk for corrosion.

  • Hot Tub Covers Damaged from Hot Tub Chemicals

    One of the main breakdowns in hot tub covers is damage caused by chemicals in your hot tub. In this post we will talk about what chemicals can do to hot tub covers, and what preventative measures can be done to avoid these damages. By preventing or limiting the damage hot tub chemicals can have […]

  • Hot Tub Questions – Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

    Hot Tub Questions – What is the weekly hot tub maintenance? We are always being asked what is involved in maintaining a hot tub by new or prospective hot tub owners. Doing weekly maintenance on your hot tub will reduce the risk for repairs later, and ensure you have the cleanest, and most comfortable hot […]

  • What Temperature should my Hot Tub be set at?

    The therapy that a spa or hot tub provides is heat, and that is today’s topic in Backyard Blast by The Cover Guy how much heat is appropriate and healthy.

  • Time to Change your Hot Tub Filter

    One of the questions we get a lot at The Cover Guy is when do I change my hot tub filter and when do I clean my hot tub filter. The best thing to do when it comes to your hot tub filter maintenance is to get on a schedule. The schedule should be set to every […]

  • Hot Tubs, Time Machines, & TV’s

    Today more and more home owners are expanding their living spaces to the backyard. One popular item that is being included in the new backyard living spaces is the good old television. With the types of televisions available today it is no wonder that TV’s have found their way into our garden landscapes and outdoor living spaces.

  • Choosing the right filter for your hot tub

    You ask. The Cover Guy answers: What type of filter should I buy? Hot Tub Filters are made up of four elements, CORES, MEDIA (Filtration Fabric), BANDS, and END CAPS. You want to make sure your hot tub filter has a properly designed core that MAXIMIZES the filtration area, increases flow, and creates uniform flow distribution through the […]

  • Guide to disposing hot tub covers – Breaking down to Reuse or Recycle

    Looking for a way to dispose of your old hot tub cover finds tips here.

  • Leaking Hot Tub and How to Fix it

    Hot tub leaks can be fixed easily. It is important to check your hot tub for leaks and make repairs to a leaking hot tub before the problem gets worse.

  • 4 Components to Water Quality

    There are 4 components of water chemistry that affect your water quality: sanitizer, total alkalinity, pH balance and calcium hardness. All of these components must be kept at a certain level if you want to achieve clear and comfortable water in your hot tub. Here are the appropriate levels for each: Chlorine (Chl) 3-5 ppm […]

  • Make Your Hot Tub a Cool Tub This Summer!

    Too hot for hot water? No problem! The Cover Guy has an easily way you can turn your hot tub into a cool tub. Make your hot tub one of the best places to cool off and enjoy the relaxation benefits year-round. Turning your hot tub into a cool tub is easy and quick! All you […]

  • What taper is best suited for what climate?

    You ask. The Cover Guy answers: What taper is best suited for what climate: The Cover Guy supplies three different tapers or slopes for our Hot Tub Covers. The standard 4-2″ taper is best for indoor use or climates that do not experience snowfall. The deluxe 4-3″ taper is recommended for all climates great in […]