• The Cover Guy 8th Annual Scholarship Submissions are Now Open!

    As part of our commitment to continue giving back to the communities in which we serve, The Cover Guy sponsors an annual scholarship for college and university students from Canada and the United States. The past seven years of offering this grant have been absolutely rewarding for us. We have met and connected with so […]

  • The Top-20 Best Hot Tub Brands 2020 – Chosen by The Cover Guy

    The Cover Guy top 20 best hot tub brands. Our research comes from years of service in the hot tub and spa industry and our customer base.

  • Bromine vs Chlorine

    The question is often asked, “Which is better, bromine or chlorine?”  As a pool or hot tub owner, you know chemicals are a must to keep your water clean and sanitized. Managing the use of these chemicals is not all that difficult and you can read more about how to do so effectively here. In […]

  • Hot Tubs Can Keep You Healthy

    Here’s one more reason it’s a good thing you have a hot tub. You see, the world is a very dangerous place full of interesting opportunities to injure ourselves. Even though we all know to be careful when lifting or moving heavy objects, it’s still totally unsurprising to realize you’ve pulled a muscle or even […]

  • How to Care for your Hot Tub Cover

    A hot tub cover is a very important piece of equipment. The cover protects your hot tub from unwanted debris, harsh weather conditions and backyard animals. Covers also help you save on energy costs by keeping the heat inside your hot tub when you aren’t soaking in it. Hot tub covers are a necessity for […]

  • 5 Ways to Reduce your Hot Tub Energy Bill

    One of the biggest bugbears of hot tub ownership has always been that pesky power bill. Takes a lot of energy to keep your hot tub hot, especially during the colder months. It is possible, however, to tame the beast. It is possible to reduce that ravenous grizzly down to teddy bear size. And it’s surprisingly easy to do.

  • Hot Tub Cover Lifter Buying Guide

    In this Post we have put together a hot tub cover lifter buying guide for choosing the perfect hot tub cover lifter for your hot tub space. There are three things to consider when your making your purchase of a hot tub cover lifter.

  • How to Use (or Not) your Hot Tub in The Winter

    there are precautions you need to take for hot tubbing in the Winter, and doing a little winter preparations to your hot tub will have you set for a season of relaxation and bliss. So we have put together a little hot tub care 101 for using your hot tub in the winter.

  • How to Measure for your Hot Tub Cover

    You need a new hot tub cover, maybe you have needed it for months or even a year. What is holding you back? If you are like most hot tub owners measuring and purchasing a new hot tub cover seems a little overwhelming

  • Sunbrella Fabric: All you Need to Know

    If you’re looking into outdoor furniture this spring, chances are you’re going to read about Sunbrella fabric. While Sunbrella fabric may seem new, it has been in fact proving its performance for over 30 years. At first created with the idea of finding a better solution to cotton for awnings, uses of Sunbrella fabric has […]

  • Hot Tub Gazebos and Umbrellas Extend Your Hot Tub Season

    Hot tub owners often find that, after adding hot tub gazebo’s, their hot tub becomes much more a part of their home, and of their lifestyle.

  • The Best Place to put your new hot tub – Things to consider

    Best Place to put your new hot tub and the top things to Consider when placing your hot tub. We shed light on Do’s and Don’ts of placing a new Hot Tub.

  • Hot Spring Spas Error Codes & Trouble Shooting Guide

    Hot Spring Spas designs their hot tubs to provide an incredible massage experience. They utilize their exclusive Moto-Massage DX to offer advanced hydrotherapy.

  • The 2017 4th Cover Guy Scholarships Award Recipients

    It is our great pleasure to announce the recipients for The Cover Guy 4th Annual Scholarships. Kaia Arthur and Emily Sams, with their commitment to educational studies, and community work they have risen above all other applicants for this years scholarships.

  • Hot Tub Music Enhances the Area and Relaxation

    The right sounds can play a big part in helping you relax in your hot tub. Tinkling of wind chimes, or a track from your past is the best hot tub music.

  • Cottage Hot Tub Care Made Easy

    When your hot tub is at the cottage, hot tub care involves a few extra considerations. Most hot tubs are designed for city treated tap waters.

  • Healthy Living Weekend Activities

    Healthy Living means staying active, eating right, and taking care of your body. More and more people are having to use their weekends to stay healthy.

  • How to Build Hot Tub Steps – A Step by Step Guide

    How to Build Hot Tub Steps – A Step by Step Guide – some lovely, sturdy hot tub steps. A great DIY project and a great way to customize your hot tub area.