• What Destroys Hot Tub Covers – What can I do to Save Our Cover?

    What destroys hot tub covers? That is one question we receive everyday from our hot tub cover customers. Why don’t they last longer? There are many reasons for covers to break down.

  • Health Benefits of Hot Tub Therapy

    Stress is poison, hot tubs are the medicine. That little factoid is commonplace as in this day and age everyone knows about the dangers of stress, but few people know about the full range of health benefits a hot tub provides. How can some hot water and strong jets help a person live longer? The […]

  • How to Choose a Hot Tub Cover

    Whether you have a new or a used hot tub, a hot tub cover is essential to extend its lifespan. Buying a new hot tub cover can be a pricey, but the savings that come from a new spa cover is well worth the price. Choose your hot tub cover carefully and you’ll get the […]

  • How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filter?

    Hot tubs can provide years of enjoyment if properly cared for. Although they don’t require a lot of maintenance, every hot tub owner should educate themselves about how to service their tubs. Aside from ensuring that the water chemistry is optimum, keeping the filter clean and free from blockages should be the top priority. Water can’t […]

  • Can babies go in a hot tub?

    As enjoyable as the hot tub may be for adults, the experience can be quite harmful for babies. Doctors tell pregnant women to avoid hot tubs during pregnancy. Baby’s body does not have the ability to account for temperature shifts the way an adult can.

  • Hot Tub Tips – How Heavy should my Hot Tub Cover Be?

    One question we get a lot or at least a comment from our customers, is about the weight of their hot tub covers. How heavy should a hot tub cover be?

  • Hot Tub Questions – Calcium Level for my Hot Tub?

    If your Calcium is too low or below 80 PPM then your hot tub and equipment can be at risk for corrosion.

  • Hot Tub Questions – How do I clean my hot tub filter?

    Hot Tub Questions – How do I clean my hot tub filter? For the seasoned hot tub owner cleaning your hot tub filter is something you do on a consistent basis and is scheduled into your weekly maintenance of your hot tub. We get asked a lot by new hot tub owners what is the […]

  • Hot Tub Questions – Weekly Hot Tub Maintenance

    Hot Tub Questions – What is the weekly hot tub maintenance? We are always being asked what is involved in maintaining a hot tub by new or prospective hot tub owners. Doing weekly maintenance on your hot tub will reduce the risk for repairs later, and ensure you have the cleanest, and most comfortable hot […]

  • Hot Tub Questions – When Should you be Changing Water in Your Hot Tub?

    Hot Tub Questions – How often do I need to change the water? Generally, you want to completely drain and refill your hot tub every 60 to 90 days, depending on how often you use your hot tub. However, the look and smell of your hot tub water may indicate changing it sooner. So the real […]

  • Hot Tub Cover Questions – What does ‘taper’ mean?

    You ask. The Cover Guy Answers: Hot Tub Cover Questions – What does taper mean? The Cover Guy receives this question a lot so we thought we would explain what we mean by taper. A hot tub cover is built like the roof on your house, it has a pitch, taper, or as some refer to it a […]

  • Hot Tub Cover Questions – What is the foam density?

    You asked, The Cover Guy answers: Hot Tub Cover Questions – What is foam density?  Foam density is the weight of foam per cubic foot. 1lb density foam weighs one pound per cubic foot for example. The density of foam directly corresponds to how open the cells are in your foam insert. The higher the density […]

  • What Temperature should my Hot Tub be set at?

    The therapy that a spa or hot tub provides is heat, and that is today’s topic in Backyard Blast by The Cover Guy how much heat is appropriate and healthy.

  • Choosing the right filter for your hot tub

    You ask. The Cover Guy answers: What type of filter should I buy? Hot Tub Filters are made up of four elements, CORES, MEDIA (Filtration Fabric), BANDS, and END CAPS. You want to make sure your hot tub filter has a properly designed core that MAXIMIZES the filtration area, increases flow, and creates uniform flow distribution through the […]

  • What taper is best suited for what climate?

    You ask. The Cover Guy answers: What taper is best suited for what climate: The Cover Guy supplies three different tapers or slopes for our Hot Tub Covers. The standard 4-2″ taper is best for indoor use or climates that do not experience snowfall. The deluxe 4-3″ taper is recommended for all climates great in […]

  • FAQ

    What is the warranty for The Cover Guy hot tub covers?

    You asked. The Cover Guy answers. What is your warranty for hot tub covers? The warranty is 7 years prorated after the first year, and covers you against manufacturer defects.       Do you have a hot tub covers question? Leave a comment and we’ll answer it! 

  • Can I use a pool filter with my hot tub?

    You ask. The Cover Guy answers: Can I use a pool filter with my hot tub? Unfortunately no. Pool filters are different from hot tub filters.   Have a question about your hot tub or your hot tub cover lifter? Leave a comment and we’ll answer!