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How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filter?

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Hot tubs can provide years of enjoyment if properly cared for. Although they don’t require a lot of maintenance, every hot tub owner should educate themselves about how to service their tubs. Aside from ensuring that the water chemistry is optimum, keeping the filter clean and free from blockages should be the top priority. Water can’t flow through a clogged, dirty filter. If the water isn’t being filtered, contaminants aren’t being removed from your tub. Those contaminants not only put strain on the pump, but they also compromise the cleanliness and clarity of the water.

The good news is keeping your hot tub filter clean isn’t as hard as it may seem. It’s something that you can absolutely do yourself. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to clean your hot tub filter as well as on when and how often they should be changed.

Routine Cleaning

The cleanliness of your water and your filter are directly proportional to how often your tub is used. The more often it’s used, the more often you’re going to need to clean it. However, a good rule of thumb for cleaning your filter is once every two weeks. To do this, simply remove your filter from the tub and give it a thorough spraying with the water hose. You don’t need any soaps or cleaners to do this, but make sure you get in between all the pleats on the filter where the deposits often collect.

Removing Build Up 

Sometimes calcium deposits will collect on hot tub filters and these cannot be removed with routine cleaning alone. To take care of these deposits, rinse the filter as you would for routine cleaning and then soak in a calcium-removal solution that is designed for hot tub filters. After soaking the filter as per the manufacturer’s instructions, simply rinse the filter again and re-install it in the tub.

Thorough Cleaning

Ideally, you should change the water in your tub every three months and you should perform a more thorough cleaning of your filter at this time as well. To do this, you will rinse the filter as before with the routine cleaning and the soak overnight in a non-foaming solution that is designed for hot tub filters. Rinse it again and let it air dry before reinstalling. It’s a good idea to keep two filters on hand at all times. That way, you will always have a clean one ready to install when it comes time to clean the other.

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Even though hot tub filters are easily cleaned and serviced, they aren’t designed to last forever. In fact,  you should change your hot tub filter every year for optimum performance. Keep in mind that this is only a general rule to follow and not an absolute. Because your hot tub filter is so important to your tub’s heating and pumping system, you want to replace it any time it begins to show signs of wear or damage so that it doesn’t compromise other parts of the system, which cost much more to replace than the filter itself.

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