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The easiest, most convenient way to get the perfect cover for your MAAX Spas Hot Tub.

The Cover Guy is one of the largest suppliers of replacement MAAX Spas hot tub covers.
We have been replacing them for over 10 years. As a MAAX Spas replacement spa cover specialist, we have all of their spa models on file.

  • Beautiful and durable covers
  • More than 20 colors to chose from
  • Best upgrades to chose from
  • Fast and easy delivery
  • Top of the class client assistance
  • We guarantee your replacement hot tub cover will fit perfectly.
Build your custom spa cover now

Build your custom MAAX Spas Spa Cover

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  • Cover Taper (thickness from middle to edge)

    • 4”-2.5”
    • 5”-3”
    • 6”-4”
  • Climate

    • Warm to Moderate
    • Moderate to Cold
    • Cold to Harsh
  • Extreme Cold, Ice and Snow

    • --
    • --
  • Approximate Product Weight

    • 35lbs
    • 40lbs
    • 45lbs
  • Heat Retention

    • Good
    • Better
    • Best
  • 4 Child Safety Locks

  • Heat Sealed Foam

  • UV Protected 30 oz Marine Grade Vinyl

  • Reinforced for Heavy Snow Loads

    • --
    • --
  • Weight Resistance Per Linear Foot

    • 100lbs
    • 150-200lbs
    • 200-300lbs
  • 2 lb Foam Upgrade Available

    • --

Here is a list of MAAX Spas models for which we have built covers:

  • Aegan
  • Aqua Select & 200
  • Aquarius
  • AS100
  • Atlantis 1998-2000 & 2001-present
  • Destiny
  • Eternity
  • Elite 8
  • Entourage
  • EP3000
  • Laurentien
  • Mariner SE before 2000 & as of 2001
  • Monteray
  • Nassau
  • New Yorker
  • Prem 40, 50, 60, 80 & 90
  • Rivers Gate
  • Rockafeller
  • Spirit 8
  • Tremblant
  • Trident
  • Virginia Falls

If you do not see your model listed here please contact us.

Replacement MAAX Hot Tub and Spa Covers

The Cover Guy is one of the leading suppliers of MAAX hot tub cover replacements and has been for over 10 years. As a MAAX replacement spa cover specialist we have all their spa models on file. We guarantee your replacement hot tub cover will fit perfectly.

A well maintained hot tub cover can last several years. External factors such as weather debris and animals might shorten its lifespan but a good quality cover should last at least three years. The quality of the materials used in the making of the cover will certainly also impact how long the cover will last. This is why it is important to properly evaluate the cover and accessories you are purchasing for your hot tub. A hot tub is an important investment so should be your cover.