Spa Shock 1kg TCG




The Cover Guy Spa Shock is a non chlorine shock treatment for hot tubs and spas. Our shock can be used with all chlorine, bromine, or natural enzyme sanitizing products.

The shock quickly oxidizes many contaminants in your spa that limit the effectiveness of chlorine or bromine. It will restore water quality by boosting the chlorine or bromine levels in your hot tub. Plus, it also removes chloramines and bromamines residuals from hot tub water. Reducing and removing these residuals will reduce the irritants and smell of chemicals in your hot tub. This high quality shock will reduce the overall amount of sanitizer required in your hot tub or spa.

This product is not a sanitizer on its own and must be used in conjunction with chlorine, bromine or natural enzymes. It also works well with bromine and chlorine generators. You can use shock after heavy bather loads to aid your daily levels.

Chemical name: potassium monopersulfate, or MPS

The Spa Shock by The Cover Guy, is specially buffered to keep pH or alkalinity levels in your hot tub perfect.

Spa Shock is Compatible With: bromine pucks, granular bromine, sodium bromide salts, chlorine pucks, granular chlorine, sodium chloride salts, ozone and mineral purification systems like spa solution.