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How to Remove a Stuck Hot Tub Filter

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How to remove a stuck hot tub filter is a question The Cover Guy staff receives all to often so we thought in this post we would let you know the best ways to remove a stuck hot tub filter, and the best ways to avoid having your hot tub cartridge filter being stuck.

strap wrench Hot tub filters especially the threaded versions do become stuck. They become stuck for a few reasons they are often installed too tightly, not changed enough and crust over with deposits. The first thing you must do is turn your power off, sometimes that is all it takes. the suction pulling the water through the filter would keep the strongest from removing a filter. Once you have turned the power off the best tool to help you turn the filter is a strap wrench it will allow you to have the best leverage to remove the hot tub filter. You may have to remove the water to give yourself better access into the hot tub filter area.

How to remove a stuck hot tub filter:

  1. Turn the hot tub power off
  2. Use a strap wrench for leverage to remove the stuck filter
  3. Remove the water from your hot tub

hot tub filter removalA lot of times a stuck hot tub filter is caused by the hot tub owner not installing the filter correctly or not using the hot tub filter properly. You should only hand tighten your hot tub filter never use a tool to tighten the filter. Using a tool may damage the housing or make it difficult to remove. Do not cross thread your spa filter, by cross threading you damage the filter receiving threads and the filter itself. Lastly, make sure you are removing your hot tub filter monthly to clean or replace your filter. By doing this your hot tub will run more efficiently.


How to make sure your hot tub filter does not become stuck:

  1. Hand tighten your filter only
  2. Do not cross thread your filter
  3. Clean your hot tub filter monthly
  4. replace your hot tub filter yearly



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