Hot Tub Filters


Single: $39.99

2 Pack: $89.99


Replacement for
  • Filbur FC-2390
  • Unicel C-4950
  • Pleatco PRB50-in
Diameter 5″
Length 13 5/16″
Top 2 1/8" Open
Bottom 2 1/8" Open

Simply reorder based on the manufacturer of your previous hot tub filter, locate a part number or measure the length and then the top and bottom diameters.

Please contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

1 (866) 652-6837 (COVER)


Hot tubs and spas are great fun and relaxation for all seasons, but they also need to be properly cleaned and maintained to keep them safe and sanitary all season. Filters keep the hot tub spa water clean and help maintain balanced water chemistry. Made of material that pleats, your filter will catch debris and the smallest of particles and remove them. All cartridge filters should be cleaned at least every 1-2 months and replaced every 4-6 months (more often with high usage).


  • Free flow core
  • Excellent dirt holding capacity
  • Affordable choice for filter cartridges

Fits many hot tub spa models including:

  • Aber Hot Tubs
  • Accent Spas
  • Acryx-Maax Spas
  • Alps Spas
  • American Spas
  • Apollo Spas
  • Aqua Mystic Spas
  • Aqua Tech Spas
  • Aquiform-Infinity Spas
  • Arcadia Spas
  • Arizona Pacific Spas
  • Artesian Spas
  • Baja Spas
  • Beachcomber
  • Belize Spas
  • Blue Falls Manufacturing Ltd.
  • Blue Pacific Spas
  • Bullfrog Spas
  • Cal Spas
  • Charisma Spas
  • Clipper Spas
  • Coast Mountain Spas
  • Coast Spas
  • Coleman Spas
  • Columbia Spas
  • Crystal Waters Spas
  • Custom Molded Products
  • Diamond Back Spas
  • Discovery Spas
  • Dynasty Spas
  • Four Winds / Streamline Spas
  • Fox Wal-Pak
  • Freedom Spas
  • Futura Spas
  • Gatsby Spas
  • Great Lakes Home & Resort
  • H2O Spas
  • Haughs
  • Haven Spas
  • Hawkeye Spas
  • Heldor Spas
  • Honey Tubs
  • Hydropool Industries
  • Hydro Spa
  • Icon / Keyes Spas
  • Islander Spas
  • J.E.M. Spas
  • Jacuzzi Premium
  • Leisure Bay Manufacturing
  • Maax Spas of AZ
  • Midwest Spas
  • Millennium Spas
  • Moonwater Spas
  • Morgan Spas
  • Northwest Spas
  • Orca Bay Spas
  • Pageant Spas
  • Pentair Pool Products -Rainbow Plastics
  • Phoenix Spas
  • QCA
  • Rising Dragon
  • River Valley Spas
  • Rubadub Tub
  • Safari Spas
  • Seahorse Spas
  • Sequoia Design
  • Sierra Spas
  • Signature Spas
  • Sonoma Spas
  • Southwest Spas
  • Spa Crest
  • Spas Direct
  • Streamline Spas
  • Strong Industries
  • Sun Coast Spas
  • Sun Ray Spas
  • Sun West Spas
  • Sunbelt Spas
  • Suncountry Spas
  • Sundance Spas
  • Sunrise Spas
  • Sunset Spas
  • Superior Spas
  • Tiara Spas
  • Tuff Spa
  • US Spas
  • US Tooling & Spas
  • Viking Spas
  • Vita Spas
  • Warm Springs Spa
  • Waterway Plastics
  • Wind River Spas
  • Zone Spas


Because a filter is designed to collect unwanted particles, debris, oils, soaps, etc, it will need to be cleaned periodically. A blocked cartridge can put undue pressure on your pump and motor and decrease the life of these parts. The Cover Guy Scumball freely floats and removes lotion, body oils and sunscreen from the water before they block up your filter! Grab yours HERE.

All The Cover Guy products are brought to you with quality, safety, and value in mind as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. We use high quality raw materials and the most up-to-date manufacturing machinery and processes to ensure that we’re providing the highest quality filter cartridges to the market. We have you covered for your Filbur, Pleatco, or Unicel hot tub spa replacement filter needs.