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How to Care for and Clean Hot Tub Filters

Hot tub water chemistry can seem pretty complicated at first. Maybe that’s why it tends to get all of the attention, particularly from new hot tub owners. Once you understand the basics of ph balancing, sanitizers, and oxidizers though, you realize that water chemistry is pretty straightforward. That’s when it’s time to turn your attention to an often unsung hot tub hero: the filter. Hot tub filter care and replacement isn’t as complicated or interesting as water chemistry, but it’s actually more important. A lot more important.

Weekly Hot Tub Filter Care

Hot Tub Filter CleanersYou can divide the types of filter care you need to perform into three categories: weekly, quarterly, and annual. Weekly filter care is pretty simple, really. If you’ve been using your hot tub, you should pull out your filter and give it a good rinse every week or two. The type and location of your filter will depend on the model of your hot tub, but the basics are the same for all of them.

  • Remove the filter from the tub
  • Rinse it thoroughly with the garden hose, making sure to get in between all the pleats
  • Once any dirt, hair or other particles are gone, put the filter back in.

Every three or four rinses, it’s a good idea to spray the filter with filter cleaner and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it. This gets some of the more stubborn particles and oils out, and prolongs the life of the filter. Make sure to rinse it really, really well, though. Any filter cleaner remaining in the filter will cause your tub to foam an awful lot.

Quarterly Hot Tub Filter Care

Every three months or so, you’ll want to not just spray the filter down with filter cleaner, you’ll want to give it a good soak. This generally happens at the same time that you are changing the water in the tub, which works out nicely. Soaking in filter cleaner is what helps to remove body oils and other residue that a simple rinse won’t take care of. Whichever filter cleaner you use, make sure to read the instructions carefully and to dilute it to the right concentration.

Annual Hot Tub Filter Care

No matter how well you take care of it, hot tub filters are a consumable. They are not intended to last forever and, after a while, begin to wear out. Regardless of how often or seldom you use your tub, it is a very good idea to replace the filters every year. This ensures that the filter remains running at peak efficiency.

And it is hard to overstate how important the filter is in lowering operating costs and maintaining the health of your hot tub. Well filtered water needs fewer chemicals added, which saves you money year after year. A good spa filter also protects the pump and the rest of the water system from the damage debris can cause. To really understand how important the spa filter is, just ask a hot tub owner who has had to replace their power pak because of poor filter maintenance.

So there you have it – hot tub filter care and replacement in a nutshell. Rinse it every week or two, soak the filter three to four times a year, and replace your spa filters every year (or if you notice wear or damage). Three simple steps that will keep you, and your hot tub, happy and healthy for many years.