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How Heavy should my Heavy Hot Tub Cover be?

heavy hot tub cover

How heavy should my heavy hot tub cover be? This is a question we are asked a lot, but probably not as often as we should. Many hot tub owners are fighting everyday with their heavy hot tub cover and if they are they are probably losing the battle and just not using their hot tubs anymore. The simple answer is a hot tub cover should weigh about 50 – 75 pounds and should be easily taken off and put back on your hot tub by one person. A hot tub cover weighing more then then 75 pounds is not doing the job anymore and should be replaced.

I am sure we are hitting a nerve already as many hot tub owners are struggling whenever they want to open their hot tub, and often need multiple people to remove their hot tub cover. I am always shocked when we arrive at a customers house with a new hot tub cover and the old hot tub cover weighs over 100 pounds and it takes two strong people to remove it. Please don’t struggle with your hot tub cover, replace it and begin to enjoy your hot tub again! In the end it will look better, work better, and save you money!

The four biggest issues with using a heavy hot tub cover is.

  • You won’t use the hot tub, because you can’t remove the heavy hot tub cover.
  • You are damaging your hot tub parts!
  • Your heating bill is going to be huge!
  • Old saturated heavy hot tub covers are full of dangerous mildew and bacteria.

hot tub covers chemical damageWhen you don’t remove the hot tub cover to allow the hot tub to breathe the oxidizing materials such as ozone, bromine, or chlorine will build up inside making it a toxic acidic environment which will burn and breakdown your hot tub parts like the pillows, jets, skimmer, and air controls etc. Just a side note this could also be the reason your hot tub cover is damaged, if you see a discoloration and blistering on the under side of your hot tub cover like you see in the picture to the left you need to remove your hot tub cover more often, and check your water chemistry more often. Once this area under your cover becomes acidic the plastic surrounding your hot tub cover foam will becomes brittle and crack allowing the foam from the hot tub cover to become saturated as you can see to the right.

hot tub coversThe other big issue is that your hot tub cover. Once it becomes saturated and heavy is not insulating your hot tub anymore. The heavy cover is actually doing the opposite. Saturated covers become an ice cube in the winter on top of your hot tub. Broken down heavy hot tub cover becomes a incubator for mildew and bacteria that is not safe for your family.

A New Hot Tub Cover Needed!

The cost of a new hot tub cover will pay you back quickly, with the savings on your heating costs. You should also, consider adding a hot tub cover lifter if you don’t already have one. It just makes the removal and replacement of the hot tub cover that much easier. Which in turn will help you remove the hot tub cover more often. The Spa Cover Lifter also keeps the cover off the ground and away from dragging and pulling it.

Tips on when to Buy a New Hot Tub Cover

Order your new hot tub cover today and start using and protecting your hot tub once again.