PH Down 1kg TCG




Keeping your pH at the right level is an important part of hot tub and spa water maintenance. The correct pH levels will aid your sanitizers to work properly in disinfecting your hot tub water. Proper pH levels also help to safe guard your family and guests enjoyment of the hot tub. Improper pH levels will cause damage to hot tub equipment, and is especially damaging to your hot tub cover.

The Cover Guy pH Down decreases the pH level in your hot tub or spa water.  To adjust your pH levels your Alkalinity has to be in the correct range of 80 – 120 PPM so make sure this is stable before adjusting your pH. Check out our Alkalinity Booster if you need to adjust your total alkalinity.

Maintaining a pH level between 7.2 – 7.8 is recommended.

Hot Tub Maintenance notes:

Your hot tub water should be checked weekly with The Cover Guy Bromine/Chlorine Test Strips to make sure your water is balanced. Your sanitizers work on the basis of your hot tub or spa water being balanced. When balancing your spa or hot tub, you set the total alkalinity first. When total alkalinity is correct it is time to raise or lower the pH to the acceptable range of 80 – 120ppm. When the total alkalinity is within range it will aid to buffer the pH and prevent pH fluctuations.